Driving License Changes

Driving licenses are something that most of us tends to take for granted, we use them the most at the beginning of our driving career, then perhaps on the odd occasion for ID purposes. Well here’s some shocking news: Most of us will not know about the changes that are happening to the drivers license over the next month.

For a start the paper part of the driving licence is being scrapped this month. This could leave problems for millions of drivers wanting to hire a car or use their licence as proof of identity. Next, you will find that car hire firms will no longer just need a driving licence when renting a car in the UK from 8 June. The photo driving licence will not be considered enough proof of identity on its own and will need to be supplemented with other forms of ID.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, drivers will be able to access something called the ‘Share Driving Licence scheme’, which allows motorists to print off details required by a car hire firm there and then. This could be a more convenient way of car hire now that licenses alone are not sufficient.

Paper parts of the licences will be halted and will not be issued with new licenses by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Penalty points on a driver’s licence will now be stored electronically and not displayed on the driving licence. This could be both a good and bad thing, good in the sense that you won’t have to worry about keeping the paper part of the license with you. Bad because the driver will not have evidence or their own physical record of the points given.

From now on, when a driver commits a speeding offence, they will now have to surrender their photo licence to have the points added. But there will be no paper counterpart or paper record of the points given. Sarah Sillars from the Institute of Advanced Drivers’ said: “People are not aware of how many of the current procedures are changing. Similar to the abolition of the tax disc, they assume much of what has happened before will continue. The onus is very much on the individual to obtain the information they need beforehand. So we very much hope people will not be caught unawares, especially if they don’t want a nasty surprise when arriving to collect their car at the start of their holiday.”

Could not knowing what is changing cause drivers more confusion in the long term? How will drivers be affected by the changes when it comes to using ID in other places? One place to stay informed of any changes would be the direct gov.uk website.  You can also stay up to date with news through major search engines like Yahoo and MSN who make a point to regularly write about driving related news on a regular basis. Want Driving Lessons and all our driving instructors are well informed on the changes as and when they happen, so stay tuned to our blog too!

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