Toll Booths will be on the Rise in Germany

Want Driving Lessons know that car tolls are a fact of life in most countries. Most of Europe and the United states will see plenty of toll booths on a pit stop tour of the country. Even in the far east, find those pesky stops more than you can handle! Well there is more bad news for those of us who love to travel to the continent. Germany are now planning on increasing the car toll on major routes in the country. This is in a bid to make more money from foreign drivers visiting. But is this fair to the regular driver? Will the introduction of tolls in the country be something that puts tourists off?

Money from toll booths soon build up, the amount can easily go into the millions, with industry drivers and tourists making journeys cross country everyday. How much the increase will be is yet to be determined, but it will certainly take it’s toll on the drivers pocket (pun intended!)

Germany’s plan for a car toll on major routes to raise money from foreign drivers has cleared its final parliamentary hurdle. It’s no surprise that the new plans have run into plenty of criticism from the public and leading figures alike. With most of Europe already havig had to deal with implementing austerity measures over the last few years, the last thing holiday makers and other visitors to the country need is a new tax!

However, despite this, the country’s upper house Parliament approved the much-criticised project this week. The smallest party in chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition insisted on pushing the new plans through the pipeline and into the mainstream. The new tolls will come into place as soon as next year. All road users will pay the toll from early next year, but German car owners will be compensated by an equivalent cut in a separate car tax.

What will become of the money that has been raised from the tax? Plans suggest that it will go back into the country’s economy and towards new building projects that are underway. There’s certainly a lot of confidence among officials that this it a worth while practice, with Transport minister Alexander Dobrindt estimating that the plan will raise up to 500 million euros (£360 million) annually.

So far this new measure will be attached to only the major roads in Germany, however, if it’s successful, it could be something that more and more roads see, indeed all areas could come under certain toll amounts. It is a watered-down version of a plan that originally proposed a toll for all roads!

Unlike many European countries, Germany has not so far introduced any road tolls. It remains to be seen whether the plan will run into trouble with the European Union as well as putting off people from travelling through Germany by road.

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