New Driving License

From the 19th January 2013 all new driving licences issued by Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will be in the new format. For those who already have a photocard style license there is no need to worry as they will still be valid. Yours will eventually be replaced when the date comes for your license to be renewed but until then it should cause you no concern. However there will be various changes to the rules. For example there are new categories added under certain types of vehicle. These include ‘Moped and Quadricyles’, ‘Medium Sized Vehicles with or without a Trailer’  Minibuses with or without Trailers’ and ‘Large Good Vehicles with or without Trailers’. More information on the specifics of these changes can be found on the DVLA website. Anyone of our qualified Driving Instructors will be able to answer any questions you have. Do not be afraid to ask him of her during your next Driving Lesson.

Here is some more about the new style Driving Licence.

The front of the new Drivers License will look like the above. Your surname is the first to be listed then your first name and any middle names you might have. Then the date and place of your birth will be listed. The beginning date of your license and then the end date. Your drivers license number will also be available (also a good idea to make a note of this separately in case you misplaced your photo card card or it is stolen). There will also be a copy of your signature and photograph of you electronically scanned on as part of the identification.

The photograph of you will be in black and white, but when sending off your application you will still need to send off a passport sized photograph in colour as this will be kept on your records.

The back of the card is a little more complicated, it will show you all the vehicles that your license will allow you to drive and also those it will not cover you for. There will also be the same ‘Valid from’ and ‘Valid to’ dates that are on the front of your card. The vehicles that you are not allowed to drive will be marked, so there will be no confusion as to which category you will be driving in ie: Cars and small vans, or Lorries and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s).

With all licenses come a paper counterpart as has been the case with previous Photocard Driving Licenses-this important document is just as relevant as the photo card itself. Regardless of whether you are a full license holder or have a provisional licence, this paper counterpart will still include any driving offenses and any other useful information that the DVLA need to know. Like any medical conditions you have that will inhibit your ability to drive.

All this information will be given to you once you have passed your Driving Test and are ready to apply for a full Drivers License.

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