Spring into Driving with Want Driving Lessons!

After a long harsh winter we are finally seeing the longer days come in. Springtime is not only fab for cleaning and getting the house in order- it’s a spectacular time to get out and about with Want Driving Lessons

In fact according to our newer qualified drivers there’s never been a better time to be driving than the spring and the summer. Just imagine the wind flowing through your hair on a summers afternoon. Treat close friends and family to surprise picnic, or even an impromptu road trip somewhere exotic. There’s no limit to the exciting places you can visit this summer- if you can drive that is.

How long will it take me to learn?

How long it takes to learn is really down to the individual, some of our students learn super fast, in a matter of weeks even. While other learner drivers prefer to take their time and learn how to do things perfectly. One of the elements that all of our great learner drivers have in common is that they stick to it. Keeping to regular driving lessons will ensure that your new skills are still fresh in your mind, ready to be built upon.

Passing the Theory and Hazard Perception with Want Driving Lessons…

Remember that you will also need to pass both the Hazard Perception and Theory before you will be on your way to passing the Practical test. Want Driving Lessons have some tried and tested methods in place to help you pass the Hazard Perception and Theory tests quickly. Take your pick from the one and two day training courses available at our North London centre. Here you will be able to learn with one of our qualified expert tutors in small groups. You can also take advantage of our online Theory course accessible from anywhere with your own username and password. Whichever course you choose to take, rest assured that you will be provided with everything you need to pass the course with flying colours!

The Practical Test…

As mentioned above, there is no set time limit to learn to drive, your Want Driving Lessons driving instructor will have taught drivers for years. It’s this wealth of experience that will allow them to know when you are ready to drive. One indicator of this is when you are able to tackle driving obstacles without needing the verbal instruction of your tutor. Once you are deemed ready and confident to take your test, you will be put forward.

After the Test…

Once you have passed the driving test, you have the opportunity to make the most of your skills before being an independent driver. Take advantage of our Pass Plus course up to a year after passing, to hone in and perfect your driving abilities. There are a number of other courses also available for you to take at any part of your driving career, like the Refresher course and Motorway Driving course too.

Contact us on 0203 086 7988 and make this spring the season you start driving with Want Driving Lessons! 

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