Convertible Versus Hard Top

Do you look enviously at all those shiny new Convertibles on the road, top pulled down and driving with the wind blowing through the deliriously happy drivers hair? While everyone else is stuck overheating in steamed up cars? For a long time the flash Convertible was the envy of road users everywhere. There is something so luxurious about them- But are they a good option when buying a car for the first time?

So the advantages of a convertible: The obvious first answer to this is that they are beautiful cars, first becoming all the rage in the 1950′s when they became a style icon in the own right. The world began to see a real time of glamour and extravagance after the long years of war and rationing. These exuberant styles came from the rivalry between car manufacturers Ford and Chevrolet.

Shown above: 1957 Ford Convertible.

Some of these vintage cars are still around today and are highly sought after. However there are some stunning modern cars. Talk about flash! The Convertible car manufacturing industry has boomed since the 20th century. For a little city runaround you can opt for the well known Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. Or for something that will really impress feast your eyes on this…

Shown above: The Lexus 1S250 Convertible

They are perfect for sightseeing! There are no restrictions caused by a heavy metal roof. Great for the guys when they want to impress the ladies (or the other way round).

There are however a few technical disadvantages of owning a Convertible:

Great if you live in California, not so great if you live in the UK (sounds a bit unfair I apologize) there are not as many sunny days here as there are in the United States or Dubai. Driving in pouring rain will not have the same chick-magnet effect!

Driving in a Convertible is not seen as safe, especially if involved in a rollover accident. For those who are fussy about their hair and will not like a lot of air blasting at them, then a convertible is not a great option. According to Convertible drivers there can be a lot of noise and turbulence at 25mph or more.

These cars tend to be heavier than a closed cars. The main body has to be reinforced to make up for the lack of strength that a hard top usually has. Because of this it often results in poorer overall performance and less gas mileage. There is also unfortunately a higher insurance premium on Convertibles as they are more likely to be stolen. There is no real way to secure a parked Convertible even with the fabric roof covering it. You could also return to your parked car to find that some bright spark has used it as a rubbish bin! Old MacDonald wrapping, a half eaten Krispy Kreme or some cute but random neighborhood mutts?

While there are some fantastic advantages to owning a Convertible there are something you will need to consider before you part with your cash!


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