Getting Ready Behind the Wheel!

Finding time first thing in the morning to do the most mundane of tasks can be almost impossible. As if waking up on time wasn’t hard enough! Perhaps you have children that you need to feed and get to school in time? Maybe you have to be at work obscenely early for the morning shift? In any case, finding the time to get ready yourself is often hard to do. So much so that an increasing number of people are resorting to getting ready behind the wheel.

Yes! For some, that extra few minutes waiting in traffic is time wasted. The ladies among us feel that it could be better used smearing on that lipstick and adding a quick flick of mascara. Brushing hair and even shaving for the gents are also among the early morning activities that drivers are getting up to. That’s around 52% of commuter drivers!

While getting ready is top priority for many, the number one morning activity drivers risk in the car is sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee. In fact a total of 78% of morning drivers admitted to drinking their favorite hot beverage while driving into work, 43 % do this religiously every day.

Third in line is eating. It seems a lot of us don’t even have time for a quick bite first thing in the morning, with many drivers munching on their bit of toast first thing. That came in at 38%.

It’s clear to us that drivers are not allowing themselves sufficient time to prepare at home before leaving for work. Your Want Driving Lessons tutor will tell you just how dangerous these distractions can be. Distractions like these will take your mind off the road, even for a split second. Dangerous, especially so when driving through rush hour traffic as well as driving near school entrances. The morning rush hour will see many more cars on the road than usual as well as children crossing roads on their way to school.

There are ways that you can combat this problem. Simply allow more time for yourself in the morning. Perhaps prepare some part of school lunches the night before, iron the children’s uniforms as well as your own clothes for the day well in advance so there is enough time to enjoy the morning rather than feel panic first thing. Basically, anything that can be done the night before should be, just to buy you a little extra time the next day!

Check emails and other messages online the night before also, this way you will not be panicking first thing in the morning- this also discourages you to feel the need to check the laptop or tablet in the car as you are driving. Not only is this a dangerous habit, it is also one that could cost you a hefty fine if caught. Even imprisonment in the worst case scenario.

One of the basic things that Want Driving Lessons will always promote is: When at the wheel of the car, the only thing that should be on your mind is driving safely! 

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