Speeding in Scotland!

There’s something about speed that we love! Feeling the wind in your hair as you drive that open road. However, driving at super fast speeds also comes with it’s consequences! It was recently uncovered that nine drivers were caught speeding at over 120mph in Scotland last year. 

From the nine, the fastest driver was travelling at 129mph through the A90 Dundee to Aberdeen Road. He was caught as Waterston Road, Angus. That’s pretty fast to be driving through a congested urban area.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) asked for the information to be made public through the Freedom of Information act (FOI). With Police in Scotland requesting for the details of the fastest 20 cases of speeding in Scotland during 2014.

Each of the nine drivers were recorded at these speeds in 70mph speed limit zones. The findings were found a month after a similar request was made in England by the IAM, it was found that there were two cases of drivers hitting 146mph on the M25.

Sarah Sillars, the chief executive officer at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “A person who finds driving at these speeds acceptable on a public road needs to undergo a complete rethinking of their attitude with a training and rehabilitation programme. We firmly believe this is the best way of tackling what are undoubtedly persistent and repeat speeders. We also renew our call for highly visible policing to ensure the threat of getting caught remains in drivers’ and riders’ minds.”

Driving at fast speeds is one of the known factors involved in so many of today’s road traffic accidents. Although there were a small number disclosed to the police, bear in mind that these cases involved people who were caught. Imagine how many other drivers are out there breaking the law by speeding each day.

Speeding can cost lives, the speed limits are there for a reason. They are the results of years of driving studies into safe stopping distances as well as reaction times. Even driving on long clear looking country roads, there are still hazards present. Perhaps it will be local wildlife or a school crossing? Driving to the speed limit gives you time to assess the situation and react accordingly, something that is not so easy if a driver is speeding at 140+mph.

There are ways to get your speeding fix in a safe and controlled environment away from pedestrians and other drivers. Why not scour the internet for your chance to be a racing driver for a day? There are even short courses for drivers wanting to experience the feel of driving a Ferrari at super fast speeds.  These events will be held on purpose built race courses, giving you the chance to really feel put your foot on the accelerator.

In the meantime, you can learn to become an effective driver with Want Driving Lessons. We will teach you all there is to know about car control, there will be plenty of chances to drive on the busier main roads too. Get in touch on 0203 086 7899 today! 

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