Automated Cars to Replace Drivers?

Driving can be a pretty lucrative business, once you have learn to drive there are currently a million and one opportunities in which you will be able to make a living. Commercial drivers are just one example.

But could things change with the advent of automated cars? It’s been found that people who drive for a living are now worried that these cars will replace them within the next few years. This comes as the cars are sill being tested on UK roads.

But could all driving skills be out by the year 2020 if all goes well for these self driving cars? Surely there would be some level of skill needed to operate these new machines?Want Driving Lessons uncovered some shocking new statistics!

It was fund that more than half the drivers that were questioned, 55% of those aged 25 to 34 told business fleet software firm Masternaut that they were worried about being replaced withing their working lifetime by self driving cars. It’s not surprising either as the driverless technology seems to be developing at an alarming rate!

The car-sharing service Uber has been looking into these new developments. They have already begun their own experiments in the US that may lead to a driverless private taxi cab service! Google too is already rumoured to be thinking about starting up its own driverless taxi service on the back of the successful trials. So it seems that these exciting new vehicles have opened up the possibilities for new ventures. The testing of self-driving cars is already happening on the roads of California.

Government-backed trials are currently under way right here in the UK too! The self-driving cars are being tested in Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Coventry. They may even be on a road near you the next time you are out and about-so don’t be afraid when you see a car spookily driving itself! The chances are that it’s something to do with these trials. There are changes being made to the Highway Code that will allow driverless cars to be used by the majority.

It’s natural that the idea of Driverless car technology is a very exciting one. Not only for the automotive industry but also for the car driving public in general. It would represent a major change for UK roads, in fact it would be the biggest change since the invention of driving itself.

Although this is every science fiction fan’s dream, there is still some way to go in terms of how the cars will impact the people who need to drive for a living. Perhaps driving will involved ‘programming’ the car as opposed to driving it? One thing is for sure, things will change when it comes to driving in the traditional sense of the word.

Fleet drivers make up a huge proportion of drivers in the UK and the new developments will also undoubtedly effect them too. Especially considering that to date in 2015, 56% of new vehicle registrations have been fleet vehicles. But there is sure to be some place for human interaction in the driving aspect- we look forward to finding out more!

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