Skier Alerted to Car Theft with Tracker

Car safety is an ever growing concern with drivers of all ages. It’s something that Want Driving Lessons wish to make students and experienced drivers more aware of. Knowing where your car is at all times could be the way to go in the battle against car theft. That’s what happened to one motorist while he was skiing in Europe!

Car thief Lewis Lowe, 24, stole the Porsche after which he dragged the police on a motorway chase, reaching speeds of up to 100mph. He has been jailed for two years at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.

After having his eye on the lovely looking car for sometime, he targeted the car at the skiier’s home in Dobcross, Oldham, on January 23 according to Greater Manchester Police. It was clear that the thief knew the owner was away and used this as his opportunity.

Lowe was doomed in his efforts as the owner of the Porsche (who was all the way in Austria) had a tracker installed in the luxury sports car. So he knew instantly that the car had begun to move. He acted swiftly and contacted the tracking company, they in turn contacted the police. They were immediately suspicious at the cars speeds, which were over 100mph. The car was followed and picked up by officers in Stretford, Manchester.

At this point the high-speed chase down the motorway happened, the thief carried on at high speeds before he lost control and crashed the car into some bushes by the side of the road. He was lucky to come away from the crash with only a few scratches from the brambles. He tried to run off but was quickly arrested. This week he pleaded guilty to burglary and dangerous driving and was given his sentencing.

Detective Constable Adam Frank spoke out about the theft: “It is a miracle that Lowe did not kill either himself or someone else. He drove in such a reckless way and at such dangerous speeds that if he had crashed into another car, I have no doubt we could be talking today about a fatality. He also showed no signs of slowing down or giving himself up until he crashed into an embankment, suffering only the indignity of some scratches from the brambles he tried to run through and the cuff marks when we arrested him…That is the type of crippling effect burglars like Lowe can have so I am really pleased he has been convicted and is now firmly behind bars where he belongs.”

Not only were the police on hand to deal with the situation, but thanks to the tracking company and the owner of the car himself, the thief was quickly reprimanded. Imagine if no one had any idea that the car had been stolen. There’s every chance that the car could have been used to commit other crimes and possibly kill someone at the high speeds it can do.

Luckily for us, the thief Lowe is behind bars, the roads are that little bit safer with another dangerous driver behind bars. We can only imagine what he would have been thinking when he decided to break into an innocent persons home and steal their property!

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