Missing your Tax Disc?

Rain or shine, through good times and the bad, we could always rely on our tax disc to …well…always be there! Tax discs were around for nearly a century, but now the once British institution has been long banished to the history books. We are used to seeing that little circle of colours sitting on our windscreens! For some, driving will never be the same again. Until now that is.

In the direct aftermath of the tax discs being rendered useless, people were selling their discs on eBay for extortionate prices, hoping to make an extra profit from them. Some people added them to their own driving collections, something to take them down memory lane every now and again! Now they are just small circles of paper with a date – unless you happen to be a die-hard collector of driving memorabilia.

There is another option when it comes to decorating your car in a sort of ‘tax disc’ fashion! There’s been an announcement that could bring relief to many who have been missing having a tax disc on the corner of their windscreen. There is to be a patriotic-inspired disc that will replace the old one. The latest version will replace the Avro Vulcan aircraft. For those of us not in the know when it comes to aircraft, the Avro Vulcan is up there with Britain’s favorites mainly because the XH558 is the last flying Vulcan.

It’s operated by the ‘Vulcan to the Sky Trust charity’, this plane relies solely on donations and souvenir sales to keep it going. The extinction of the paper tax disc is the ideal way to bridge the gap between the two.

The Tax Disc replacement holds no driving tax value, however, it will show your support for the vintage aircraft not to mention it being a way to pretty up your windscreen. It sticks to the inside of the windscreen with a Vulcan surrounded by the words ‘Help Support the Spirit of Great Britain’. Maybe this will open up the way to more snazzier car discs in the future?

If you want to see the XH558 for yourself, it’s set to appear at the Royal International Air Tattoo from July 17 to the 19th. Members of the public can visit the hangar at Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster to see the work in progress.

But this makes us at Want Driving Lessons wonder- are there other ways that we are legally able to decorate our cars? Surely having a clear windscreen will help the driver’s view of the road! We did some investigating…

www.gov.uk tells us:

  • windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision

That’s all it says, there are no other more accurate guidelines at present on what is and is not allowed to be displayed. So we take it that one or two discs or stickers could easily be displayed on the front window. This is so long as it doesn’t distract your view of the road or reaction times when dealing with road conditions.

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