What to Look for in the Right Driving School

Getting around town has never been more reliant on cars. While there is public transport, getting to your chosen destination on time is not always easy with bus or train delays. So there’s never been a better time to learn how to drive. Having this all important skill will get you from A to B in the UK or any part of the world. Driving is a skill that can be used everyday and in all weathers. Some will even make a career out of it!

Want Driving Lessons know all to well how important driving is in today’s world. It’s why we offer straight forward and no nonsense quality driving tuition. It’s our aim to make sure the next generation of drivers are safe and effective when using the roads. Each of the Want Driving Lessons driving instructors is fully equipped and ready to teach you to drive in your home town.

Are you looking to start learning how to drive? Perhaps you know someone who is? Here’s the Want Driving Lessons list of what to look for when seeking out the driving school to teach you.

1. Understanding : Learning to drive may not be as straightforward as it seems. Perhaps you might be re-learning skills after an incident or a long time away from driving. Maybe you are learning to drive with a medical or physical condition? Want Driving Lessons will offer you understanding and will accommodate all your needs where possible. We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible when learning to drive with us.

 2. Flexi-Learning : You won’t need us to tell you that modern life is hectic. With a nine-to-five and children to look after, finding the time for driving lessons isn’t always possible. Want Driving Lessons offer both weekend and evening lessons. We are able to pick you up from your home or local work place if that is easier for you.

3. Male or Female Driving Instructors : You will have the choice of learning with a male or female driving instructor. Whether you feel comfortable with a female instructor or if you would rather learn with a male teacher, either is absolutely fine with us. We have a fleet of qualified and experienced male and female instructors ready to teach you today.

4. Theory Test training : Learning to drive is so much more than simply knowing what to do when you are behind the wheel. Knowing the theory behind it is just as important. This is where Want Driving Lessons Theory Test Training is pretty competitive! Take part in our 1 or 2 day course at the purpose built North London training centre. Why not try the online training course with your own unique user name and password?

5.Going Beyond the Driving Test : It’s so important that a driving school offers support to students that have passed their driving test. After all, we never really stop learning, even after we have passed both the theory and practical tests. Want Driving Lessons like to go one step further and offer assistance after you have passed the driving test. The Pass Plus can be taken up to a year after the driving test. Our Refresher courses are available for the more experienced drivers who wish to get back to great driving skills!

With all this and more, why not speak to us directly on 0203 086 7988 today to book your first lesson! 

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