Driving Fail: How not to Drive!

With Want Driving Lessons telling you how to drive well, every once in a while there will be a case that highlights how to drive very badly. This is one of those occasions! A drunk drivers was caught by the Police in the West Midlands driving her Ford Ka with only three wheels on it…But wait! You don’t have to be a car expert to know that Ford Ka’s come with four wheels right? So what happened to the fourth one? 

The Police were first alerted after residents were disturbed by the loudest screeching noise in Solihull. After an extensive search of the area, the police discovered the source of the annoying sound. They traced it back to a driveway where they found a 33-year-old Laura Hewlett-Conway standing next to the car, looking very unsteady on her feet. She was dressed in her pyjamas!

The police at the scene questioned Laura, asking her what had happened to the vehicle. She replied that the wheel had ‘just fallen off’. After further investigation, officers found gouges in the road surface trailing back nearly three miles from the scene. Even though Hewlett-Conway had at first denied drink driving, she later owned up to the offence. She had to admit it, after registering 78 microgrammes in 100ml of breath. This is more than twice the legal drink driving limit. It’s a pretty bad state to be in never mind putting hundreds of potential local residents at risk of an accident.

February 9th saw Hewlett-Conway attend court where she was convicted and given a community order. She will now have to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and be part of an 18-month supervision programme. She has also been banned from driving for a total of 17 months, in order to regain her licence she will need to take an extended driving test. Regular driving tests are nerve wracking for many of us, so it must be a zillion times worse to take an extended test with the drink driving charge looming over her head.

Do you think the charge was too lenient? Perhaps the outcome from the courts would have been stricter if someone had been injured as a result of the driver’s actions?

More importantly…How on earth did she manage to drive nearly three miles with only three wheels in the first place?

The Police commented on the case, PC Tony Winter said: “The car was making a deafening noise as it scraped its way along the road. One person who called police said they thought the car was dragging a wheel clamp with it. It’s incredible she managed to drive so far without colliding with other vehicles or causing a serious accident. It was extremely dangerous driving and beggar’s belief she couldn’t have known there was something seriously wrong with the car.”

This is just another case that shows us why driving when drunk can be so dangerous not to mention noisy! Alcohol seriously affects the way people judge their situation as well as their reaction times.

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