Chance to Own Your Own Race-Winning Car

Driving at super fast speeds is not something that Want Driving Lessons suggest is a good idea. But you cannot deny that driving really really fast has a certain attraction. This is why we have indoor race tracks and other safe and controlled environments in which we are able to really live out our fantasies! Well how about a chance to actually own your own racing car?

Although illegal, speeding down an empty motorway is a guilty pleasure that many drivers would hesitate to admit to. What’s there not to love? The open road, super fast speeds with the wind rushing through your hair…Well if you happen to have vast sums of money you may just be in luck! There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a real World Rally Championship race-winning car coming up this month. The car: A 2005 Works Ford Focus rally car. The fully functioning and near perfect vehicle is estimated to fetch anywhere between £180,000 to £200,000. A world famous car, this ford was driven to victory in both the Corsica and Catalunya rallies by their driver Markko Martin.

The reason that this auction is so very special is that hardly any Works rally cars are ever sold to private owners. The current owner is Times Top 100 Entrepreneur and CBI Businessman of the Year Steve Perez, founder of the Vodka Kick brand, following the end of the 2005 WRC season.  Since then, Perez has used the car for several rally events between 2006 and 2009. The car finished strongly in many events while also collecting a number of wins for the businessman. If it’s speed you are after, this is the motor for you!

Managing Director of Silverstone Auctions, Nick Whale, who is also handling the sale at its Race Retro event said: “This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of these cars. M-Sport rarely sold their WRC rally winning cars and so this is a wonderful chance to purchase a piece of motorsport history with impeccable provenance.”

The car has had somewhat of a facelift since it’s racing  days. It’s had a £50,000 rebuild at M-Sport, this prepared the car for rallying. The outside of the car has been restored to the impeccable conditions at it’s 2004 Catalunya rally win. Take a look underneath and one will find the same 2005 technical specification.

Also up for auction is another car currently owned by rally fan and driver Perez. The 1975 Datsun 260Z Safari Rally Car is estimated to sell at between £180,000 and £200,000. This car was created by Perez himself in order to tackle the East African Safari ( Known as one of the world’s toughest motorsport events, it attracts thousands worldwide.) This car will be auctioned with a number of significant spares and support truck.

Thinking about bidding? Perhaps you might be thinking of spending a day at the auction to get a feel for vintage and unique cars? The auction itself will be happening on February 22nd. Check out the auction as well as the rest of the Race Retro show here


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