New Year New You 2015: Drivers are planning to walk more!

2015 is here at last! It’s the first week of January when so many of us will be taking out gym memberships as well as planning on a new diet. Perhaps you will have a new years resolution too?

Lots of drivers are also planning on walking more and driving less in 2015! How long will this new years resolution last we ask ourselves? 16,000 AA members were asked this very question, all of them planned on doing so!

There’s been a global decrease in the price of petrol to the delight of drivers everywhere! Despite this, the good news is that as much as 12% are planning on driving more economically in the new year. This is a good thing whether there is a recession or not, after all saving money is always important- particularly if one is learning to drive.

Walking is a great thing to do in terms of our health. Those who walk are naturally more healthy in terms of heart health and lower cholestorol levels. The poll also showed that walking was at the top of  many driver’s new year resolutions. 13% of the people who toll the questionnaire said that they were planning to do this, 5% pledged to get on their bikes and cycle more in 2015. However, there also seemed to be a new trend of driving less often, with 5% saying they would like to exchange driving with another mode of transport, walking for example. But 5% said they were happy to continue to drive but in a more safer manner.

These are all good resolutions, perhaps those planning on driving less often are worried that the prices at the petrol pumps will rebound and rise in the next year. This is something that many financial studies are predicting for the new year. Although when this will happen is uncertain. The fact that drivers are cautious about money shows us that they are a clever lot, adjusting their driving levels so that they won’t come across any expensive surprises later on!

AA president Edmund King talked about the results and said “Our members are a canny bunch, as are UK drivers as a whole. Bitter experience of pump-price surges since 2008 tells them that the current collapse will be met by a rebound at some time. They took around two years to adapt their car travel patterns to deal with record petrol and diesel prices and they won’t go back to their old routines overnight.”

There’s no better time to get fit than in the new year, or indeed to learn a new skill? Perhaps your situation is the other way around? Maybe you are fed up of walking or public transport delays? In any case, learning to drive could be a fabulous new skill to begin 2015 with. Thinking about taking up driving lessons in the new year? Perhaps you know someone who is? Get in touch with Want Driving Lessons today and find a qualified driving instructor ready to teach you today!

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