How Do You Rate Your parking?

Parking: It’s a big part of driving and one of the most trickiest for some people. Driving your car can seem pretty straightforward on a long and deserted country road. However, when it comes to parking in a tight spot on a city road. How easy do you find it to park in your home town? Are you lucky enough to normally find a parking spot right outside your home? Perhaps it’s a more awkward part of driving that you would rather not think about? Regardless of how one feels about it, parking and getting it right is an essential part of driving. A skill that Want Driving Lessons aims to instill in all of our students.

Surprisingly, it was found that nearly one in four women would normally ask a trusted friend or family member to park their car for them! Apparently, the same goes for one in six men too! These statistics clearly show that drivers in the UK are not as confident when it comes to certain aspects of their driving.

There was another interesting statistic, it was found that many people found it difficult to park if they were aware that they were being watched. It’s not surprising at all, imagine being watched over by a more experience driver who was critical of each move! It’s these that can easily put off drivers especially if they happen to be learning. 16% of drivers that were asked said that they had an accident while they were parking. The surprising results were collected by insurance company Admiral.

It’s not easy confessing to these things, whether you happen to be a new or more experienced driver. But 2,000 motorists decided to tell all, it’s results like these that could go towards helping improve conditions for people who have trouble parking or with any other aspect of driving.

Other findings included:

21% had gotten involved in a row over a parking space;

17% had actually taken the time out to write a note criticising another driver’s parking, and leaving it on the windscreen;

18% of drivers in the survey had illegally used a disabled parking space at some point. Something considered by many to be unfair. One example of this is that disabled drivers rely on the parking spaces at super markets to do their shopping. They tend to be closer to the entrance as well as

Parking is something that all drivers need to do on a regular basis. But it seems that it causes big problems for many motorists too! Are you already a driver but want tips on improving your parking and driving skills? Get in touch with Want Driving Lessons today and find out how. Each of our qualified and experienced drivers have been teaching for many years, they can help you get back on track with your parking skills as well as driving in general.

Want Driving Lessons are onĀ 0203 086 7988, lines are open seven days a week from 9 am – 8 pm. Check out the Facebook and Twitter page to keep up with all our news!

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