Why Drug Driving Could Soon be Extinct!

The war on using drugs and driving continues! There has been a new development in the form of a roadside test. One that is being used by the police during the Christmas and New Year period. This news has only been speculated but more recently has been confirmed by an official from the police.

A minister from the Police, Mike Penning has claimed that motorists who are pulled over will not even know if they are being breathalysed, ‘drugalysed’ or both! These new drug-testing kits have been approved by the Home Office, they cleverly analyse the smallest samples of saliva for drugs. The testing equipment will be able to instantly detect for both illegal narcotics and legal highs.

So it’s not just the illegal drugs that the kits will be able to detect. The Sunday Telegraph said that police can also use the drug testing kits to look for prescription medicines, including strong painkillers, sleeping pills as well as anxiety drugs. In fact anything that will be able to slow down reaction times or effect the driver’s ability to concentrate on the road.

Mr Penning also said that the “drugalyser” kits were just recently approved by officials when it comes to prosecuting motorists who have been under the influence. This is both of illegal as well as prescription drugs.

It’s no surprise that these new measures are being introduced. Driving under the influence of drugs is just as big a problem as drink driving. Something that we know at Want Driving Lessons has plagued UK roads since forever.

Many people feel the same way about drug-driving as they do about drinking and driving. That it’s something that will put lives at risk, not only your own but that of passengers, other drivers as well as pedestrians that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These new tests are designed to make the incidence of driving under the influence of drugs a less likely occurrence, perhaps even putting a complete stop to it once and for all?!

The best thing is the not knowing in this instance. Drivers will not even know that they are being tested. To stay on the safe side, don’t take drugs or drink and drive. Legal drugs when taken in the right dosage in many case will be safe unless driving is strictly prohibited.

Right now, officers have the power to arrest suspects and to take them to a local police station to be tested further under medical supervision. 

In the past, drivers under the influence could make the excuse that they were ‘religious’ or that they had some kind f blood disorder. This would be a ploy that would help buy them time, while the drugs or alcohol was leaving their body. Meaning that there was less chance that the substances that would show up on the results. This way, tests are done quickly and efficiently on the spot and will yield important results.

Stay tuned to Want Driving Lessons for news on developments in tackling drink and drug driving! 

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