Driving Home for Christmas!

Unlike the lovely and relaxing festive tune by Chris Rea, driving home for Christmas might not be so easy! Drivers have been warned to brace themselves for the Christmas roads rush. This is nothing new you might be thinking, but the Christmas roads rush will be as hectic and stressful as ever, despite efforts to control the traffic flow. It’s predicted that as many as 12 million cars (yes that was 12 million) will be taking to the roads in the period from December 24th to the 26th.

But be warned as the big getaway is said to have started on Monday of Christmas week. Drivers everywhere will naturally be taking advantage of the lowest petrol prices for four years.

Weather will undoubtedly effect drivers journeys, the RAC has also urged everyone making the trip on the roads to prepare well in advance for any trips they will be making over the holidays. The AA along with the Environment Agency have warned drivers to avoid flooded areas as they head off. While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, last last Christmas Eve saw a steep rise in the amount of flood rescues within the past five years.

The RAC have said that there will be around 4 million drivers on the roads at Christmas Eve, and possibly around 4.6 million on Christmas Day. A massive amount of traffic, especially considering the adverse weather conditions that we have been seeing this week.

Naturally December will bring unsettled and wintry weather to large parts of the U.K. This is especially so as we head into the middle of Christmas week. So far the forecast’s suggest the gale force winds and rain will continue for some time yet.

Want Driving Lessons can’t stress enough how important it is to plan those Christmas and New Year’s trips by car. Also, it’s recommended that your vehicles are winter-proofed properly to avoid delays or in the worst case scenario’s accidents. The AA rescued a total of 642 vehicles from flood water on the 24th December 2013. This was despite the fact that the Environment Agency had issued around 450 flood warnings and alerts at the time. Unfortunately, those who didn’t listen found themselves in deep water- quite literally!

It’s been found that just 11.8 inches of water is enough to float a car or at least cause tyres to completely lose grip on the roads. But over a third of drivers asked said they would be more than happy to drive in this level of water. As many as 8% of the drivers who were polled by the AA went further than that! They claimed that 1 metre of water wouldn’t phase them- that’s more than 39 inches. These are very worrying statistics!

In the Christmas dash, It’s not surprising that our minds will be elsewhere, especially as it is also a very stressful time of year. But find themselves knee deep in flood waters would not be anyone’s idea of a Merry Christmas. Not to mention severely damaging your car!

Want Driving Lessons wishes everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, especially if they happen to be taking to the roads over this week!


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