FACT! Driving is Cheaper than Public Transport!


And here’s the news that we’ve all been waiting for! It’s been proven that driving is actually cheaper than using public transport here in the UK. This is despite the governments efforts to make public transport a more appealing prospect for many people commuting into work. 

In fact, Want Driving Lessons have found out that driving into work each morning can work out to be up to 30% cheaper for many workers. Unsurprisingly, this is especially in places where there have been the most train fare increases. It’s been calculated that some regular rail users are having to fork out an extra 162% more for the journey’s they make each day, compared with just a few weeks ago.

Travelling by rail during peak times stops the majority from being able to pay cheaper rates to get around. So in these cases, it’s a cheaper option to jump into the car and drive into work. The survey, carried out by Flexed, found that a fare from Leeds to Leicester would cost £63.40 return. The same journey in a car can be done for around £38.52- that’s almost half the price! In today’s economic climate, that’s a huge saving! We can think of so many people who would benefit from saving that kind of money- students, those on lower incomes, carers…Well basically anyone really! But back to the trains, is there a cheaper option? Well, even if we were to travel during off-peak hours, a return ticket would still be £42.20, which is still more expensive than driving!

Although train fares can be cheaper still when booked in advance, anyone making the trip from Nottingham to Birmingham can expect to pay around £35.50 for a peak return booked online and well in advance. But take a look at the cost of the same journey by car, and it costs just £20.60, again, another big saving.

But then there are the other aspects of driving too, the luxury of having your own semi-private space. While you will be on the roads with other drivers, you will have the comfort of your own car space. It came as no surprise then that many in the survey said they could walk, use public transport or even cycle- but they choose to drive for safety and comfort as well as convenience.

Mark Hall from Flexed spoke out about the findings, he said: “If the Government want more commuters to use public transport then they should sort out the ridiculous fees that providers are allowed to charge. Otherwise driving will continue to become the preferred option, especially since cars are becoming more eco-friendly, cheaper to run and widely available.”

Driving is now even more valuable a skill to have than ever! There are a million and one reasons to get driving if you haven’t done already- saving time as well as money is just another great reason. Looking for great quality driving lessons at even better prices? Perhaps you know someone who does? Christmas is around the corner so why not give a special someone a gift to remember this year? Head on down to the Want Driving Lessons website and find out more! 



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