Blinging Up Your VW!

So we have seen how people love to customise their cars- especially with the London student who covered his car in diamonds! Well it seems that others have caught onto the craze- this time with coins.

Owners will go to extreme lengths to have their cars noticed when out and about- this includes spending hours with a pot of glue and a large amount of coins at one’s disposal. One driver in China, however went for a more affordable choice.

this driver in China went for a more affordable option. Lok Tuan, 27, decided that his VW needed a bling make over- so tired of his car blending into the background he did just that. Only not with the more expensive rhinestones. He chose bling without blowing the budget!

Lok used plain old super glue with coins that are worth less than half a penny each. These were coins that he had collected for years and that he had lying around in jars. Alone, he decided to cover his whole car in these coins- we mean everywhere, from bumper to bonnet. Obviously except the number plate- but this is one car that really makes a statement.

The coins are known in China as ‘half-yuan’ coins. Although thousands were used, the total worth of the coins was a lot let than decking out a whole car in rhinestones or diamonds that’s for sure. The final result is just as shiny and certainly eye catching!

Lok Tuan hails from Xiamen in the Fujian Province. He said of his car in an interview: “I love all the ostentatious flashiness of diamonds and gold but there was no way I could afford any of that so this seemed like a good solution.”

He started off buying four tubes of super glue, after that Lok started work on sticking each coin on the body work of the car. He admitted in an interview: ‘It took days and days.’ We are not surprised!

He carried on about the experience in more detail: “I had to be really careful about it too, as I didn’t want to stick the coins in the wrong place, nor stick my fingers together trying to put the glue on.” A tricky job but obviously a labour of love for the VW enthusiast!

Lok says that he is more than happy with the results. The bling car even seems to have become a hit with the ladies! He also said : “When I drive around town, I can see all the girls looking at me and it’s really cool.”

What do you think about the blinged up Volkswagon? Would it do it for you? (It certainly is very shiny!)

His good friend Dong Tang, also 27, said: “It’s quite something, especially when it’s sunny and the light reflects off the coins. In fact it’s quite dazzling. I hope he doesn’t cause an accident.”

First rhinestones and now coins, whatever will be next-pearls or seashells? Want Driving Lessons look forward to the next big thing in customising cars!


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