What is Observation? Just how is it important in terms of driving? I have added a photograph that I took last summer of some monkeys sitting dangerously close to a cliff edge in India. They didn’t seem to mind as we drove past, they obviously sit there all day and are used to cars driving past for most of it. Despite being very chilled out they are still what driving instructors would class as a ‘potential hazard’. They could have done the Conga ( very bad 80′s dance craze) and distracted us – with very disastrous consequences! Luckily they didn’t go wild, they carried on basking in the sun but the potential was there! Most likely you will not come across a scene like this here in London but you never know so its always good to be prepared!

Observing the roads is one of the most important things you can do as a driver- It goes without saying that its part of the difference between being a driver and a safe driver. Untold numbers of lives are saved every year by the simple but important act of the driver taking one extra look around the car before he or she pulls out into the road, being alert and ready to begin their journey safely.

The first obvious key to observation is to know that you are not the only road user- there are other people around you not only drivers but pedestrians, it is up to all of us whether we are on the roads or walking through them to be safe and ensure the safety of others. Particular care must be taken at junctions and what could be considered accident hot spots. This can all be made more difficult during the night and adverse weather conditions so patience is what’s needed.

The above are just some examples of the many different aspects that go together to make up successful observation- These will all be taught more thoroughly by your instructor at Want Driving Lessons. The well qualified  Driving Standard Agency Professional Driving Instructors will work with you to teach you these aspects and train you the highest standards so that when you pass your test you will be one of the safest drivers around!



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