Are your tyres legal?


It’s a proven fact that over 30% of drivers have been driving with illegal tyres. The study centred on parents carrying their most precious passengers to and from school and after-school clubs.

The results come from road safety charity TyreSafe. This test was a unique one, rather than a group of people carrying out the survey, in this case just one member took it upon is person to find out more! A Shropshire primary school was the setting of the study, it was found that nearly a third of parent-driven cars were fitted with tyres which had long passed the wear markers on them. Other problems included that they had been incorrectly inflated, had cuts or significant bulges, foreign objects like nails or glass sticking out of them. All of these are pretty dangerous signs when it comes to tyres, if taken for an M.O.T vehicles with tyres in such conditions would have failed the test straight away.

The start of the new school term is only a few days away, so the morning and afternoon school rush will be back with us- something that affects all drivers, regardless of whether you have children of school age or not. There will naturally be more cars on the roads at certain peak times of the day.

Not every one will have used their cars over the summer holidays, so there is a chance that many vehicles could have fallen into a rut over the break in terms of their condition. So there’s even more need to check those tyres before the return to school. Mainly to mak sure that this part of the car is roadworthy, not to mention legal! Passengers of all ages, especially children, can be taken to and from school safely.

According to statistics by Sustrans, a staggering 11 million daily car journeys are made between home and school in the United Kingdom alone. Alongside this, the Department for Transport shows more than 1,200 road casualties are caused because of illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres each year.

Want Driving Lessons recommend giving your car the once over before the regular school run begins again. Tyre Safe are particularly encouraging parents to check tyres. This includes that they are all inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended settings. (These can often be found in the vehicle handbook or even inside the fuel filler cap)

Next, the tread depths on the tyres should be more than the UK’s minimum legal tread depth (this is 1.6mm across the central part of the tyre) If this is not the case, bear in mind that there is a strong chance of a tyre-related accident. These measurements are in place to stop these from happening! As a result, there could be a fine of up to £2,500, along with three penalty points for every illegal tyre in use.

But all this aside, it’s always a good idea to make sure every part of your vehicle is in good working condition, from the inner mechanics to the tyres themselves. 

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