Bizarre European Driving Rules to Watch Out For!

Want Driving Lessons will tell you that Europe is a vast and changeable place. There’s so much to see from the stunning Dolomite mountains in Italy’s Venice region right to the pretty decorated log cabins in Sweden. Yes there is plenty to keep you busy on your driving summer holiday- But then there are these weird road rules to stick to…

It seems that the AA have been doing some research into Europe’s most bizarre rules of the road, only to uncover strange laws that could catch you out if you happen to be taking a driving trip through the continent!

It’s an actual and genuine fact that drivers are not allowed to drive a dirty car in Belarus, Romania and even parts of Russia. This is regardless of where you come from! So any ‘Clean Me’ signs written in a layer of dirt on the windscreen could be punishable in certain parts!

Driving around with your bikes secured tightly to your rook rack or back of car is a normal sight on UK roads. However, in Portugal it is against the law to have bicycles or any other two wheeled vehicle stuck at the back of a car. The logic here could be that this may be a health and safety hazard on the roads- although the right secure fastening made to proper standards should be fine!

But then there are the really obscure rules! For some unknown reason it’s forbidden in Estonia to over take a stopped tram being boarded by passengers. Yes that’s right, even if it’s stopped you have to wait behind it- imagine the chaos that must cause!

In Slovenia, drivers are not allowed to indicate when approaching a roundabout to signal that they are approaching, but they must signal when departing.

In Spain there are some very crazy rules, one of them regarding one-way streets in some areas. Vehicles must always be parked on the side of the road that display odd numbers on odd-numbered days of the month! They can park on the ‘evens’ side of the street on the rest of the month! This could get very confusing if you happen to live on a one way street- Bizarre or what?

A lot of these rules may sound like a strange inside joke specifically aimed at tourists during the summer months- but rest assured they are taken very seriously in their home countries. It pays to know the rules of the road in the countries you plan on visiting well in advance- even the more quirkier ones!

It’s a well known fact that motoring fines in Europe can be very severe. Rules of the road are strictly adhered too, so it’s expected that anyone driving through the area will show the same respect. Otherwise on-the-spot fines as well as the risk of having your car impounded could follow. So if you are about to embark on a European driving adventure- remember the three ‘P’s: ‘Prepare’, ‘Polish’ up on your local road knowledge, above all be  ’Polite’.

(Also make sure you clean your car before you go!)



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