Ferrari sold for over £22 million!

How much would a vintage car in peak condition be worth to you. The truth is, it that there are no set prices for vintage case in the same way that there are for say a box of chocolates. No there are no Recommended Retail Prices here- you pay however much you are willing to when buying the car of your dreams (if you happen to have the appropriate funds in the bank that is). We love a vintage car here at Want Driving Lessons- Especially if it happens to be a very sporty looking Ferrari!

They are not cheap and have been known to cost a few bob in past years. How about £22.84 million quid for a sporty little number? This is the price that a particularly rare model has been sold for at auction.

This price sets a new record when it comes to world renowned Ferrari cars. This is just one of a total of thirty-nine models that exist in the world. This model is on the list of the greatest Ferraris ever created. Going by it’s official title of ’1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta’, this make and model went under the hammer at renowned Bonhams’ auction house, the event happened in Carmel, California, US.

As one can imagine, the event was a sell out among Ferrari lovers with visitors arriving at the venue from all over the world, days in advance! at the actual event, a large crowd watched the bidding with intense excitement. There was applause when the final price of £22.84 million was read out. This selling price well outdid the previous record for any car sold off at an auction.

The last record was set by Bonhams auction house again, at last years Goodwood Festival of Speed auction based in Sussex.  It was here that a peak condition 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 R F1 Racer went under the hammer for £18 million (about $30 million).

More details on the Ferrari- The GTO was number 19 from the total of 39 that rolled off the assembly line. In it’s past life it had been owned and cared for by the Violati family – well known Ferrari and motor racing enthusiasts and collectors of racing cars since as far back as 1965.

But it’s not all plain sailing, this car has had it’s fair share of knock backs too. This particular vehicle has itself competed in several races as a professional race car. One of them was the 1962 race in which the car was damages and it’s driver, former French ski champion Henri Oreiller, was tragically killed.

Ferrari have then gone onto repair the car, the previous owners the Violati family caried on and raced the car as normal right into the 2000′s. It’s in pretty good shape considering its past history, something that the new owners had looked into before bidding for the chic looking race car!

Chairman of Bonham’s auction house Robert Brooks responded with: “It’s been a genuine privilege to represent this outstanding car and we are absolutely delighted with today’s results.”


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