Abbey Road Beatles Crossing at Risk!

The Original Beatles Album for 'Abbey Road' released in 1969

Who would ever have thought a zebra crossing could be sexy? Well the crossing on the cover of the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album cover is a world recognised image! 

The album cover shows John, Paul, Ringo and George crossing the road in synchronised single file. Even if you are not a fan of the band, it’s a photo that’s an iconic one. So it’s no surprise that thousands of people flock to the site every year and try to imitate or just appreciate the musically recognised spot. How all that may be about to change- there could be a lollipop lady introduced to the scene made famous in 1969.

Westminster Council have been monitoring the London tourist attraction for sometime. As a result of their findings, there are now fresh fears for the safety of the ‘thousands and thousands’ of visitors to the Abbey Road crossing.

Fans trying to recreate the infamous album cover

It’s been found that fans have been risking their safety trying to recreate the iconic image of the four figures walking the crossing in timed harmony. This is also risking the safety of the many frustrated drivers who face a daily struggle trying to get over the crossing because of this.

It’s not just the cars that are having trouble, buses full of eager tourists have been causing traffic chaos when parking on double yellow lines on a regular basis.

Westminster Council have said that there needs to be a series of measures in place to ease the flow of traffic in the area, not to mention also increasing safety. It is in talks to manage traffic, in including the possibility of hiring a lollipop person.

A spokesman from Westminster Council claimed: “Safety concerns are being discussed, and we’re looking at the best options…The council is, to a great extent, responsible for the safety of visitors to the borough.”

Westminster City councillor Lindsey Hall has claimed that the crossing has always posed a problem for residents as well as visitors.

“It’s a residential area that is not adequately prepared for receiving thousands and thousands of people, it’s difficult to devise the right tangible solutions,” when interviewed by The Daily Mirror.

“Obviously it is an important site for music lovers who come from all over the world, its a part of our musical heritage that we are proud of…But I have frequently seen double-decker buses parked on double yellow lines outside the Abbey Road studio, this often causes total chaos. It would be ideal to have a permanent solution to the problem, one possibility would be a lollipop lady”

Want Driving Lessons think this could be a good idea! It’s places like these that will often be a magnet for road traffic accidents involving both drivers and pedestrians. Some sort of crowd management could help lower the dangers on a long term basis!

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