Top Status Cars!

Most of us will have a dream car- the car that we would go out and buy immediately if we had an infinite amount of funds in our bank accounts. Unfortunately that is not always the case, so instead we resort to a ‘status car’.

We’ve all seen those slick and shiny cars, perhaps you have admired them or even gazed upon them in envy! These are the motors that will give us some street cred when we are driving out and about in our neighbourhood. After all, cars are increasingly becoming seen as a fashion accessory too- there’s any number of things you  can do to pimp your ride!

A status car is different to a dream car. It’s more about the sort of image that it gives off as opposed to the car you fantasize about. For example, your dream car might be the bat mobile, with all it’s gadgets and super sleek style. In reality, getting to drive this will be impossible as it doesn’t exist. This is where the right status car will still allow you to be cool!

Research into the best and most desired status cars has been revealed! It seems that an Aston Martin is the car to be driving if you want to turn heads! A brand that was first made famous in the various James Bond movies of the 1970′s and 80′s, but we still can’t get enough of these fabulous retro cars!

But it’s not just about the design- driving an Aston Martin- or indeed any other chosen status symbol car will lead people to believe that you are doing pretty well for yourself while also earning a decent salary! A great idea if you want to impress the boss at work, although we can’t guarantee that it will increase your chances for that promotion.

The research was carried out by leading car magazine Auto Trader. Around 1,024 drivers were questioned on their most desired status vehicle. The findings suggest that British brands are still a big hit with drivers in the UK. They have even beaten the more exotic international brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley.

The top three positions in the list were taken by British car manufacturers. World renowned British car makers Bentley and Rolls Royce came in second and third. Results also showed that 70% of participants also feel that the car in general is much more than just a mode of transport- it is a status symbol that people judge them upon. 50% imagine that someone who drives a sports car is an independent thinker who is immediately considered more attractive.

Although getting hold of an Aston as a first time driver is not always the easiest option, it certainly is something to aim for!The top 10 ‘status’ car brands start off with the Aston Martin in first place. Next comes Bentley and then Rolls Royce in third place. Next it’s BMW, Ferrari and Audi in sixth position. Jaguar surprisingly came in seventh with Mercedes in eighth. Lamborghini and Porsche topped the list at 9th and 10th place.

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