Why Want Driving Lessons is the Choice for You!

There are what seem like a million driving schools in the United Kingdom. Some of them will be more established than others, they may offer automatic driving while other smaller schools may not. However, one thing that we can all be sure about is that driving is a hugely important part of modern day living- so investing your time and money wisely is all important!

So here’s why you should pick Want Driving Lessons to teach you!

1.) Wide Range of Courses

As a more established driving centre of excellence, Want Driving Lessons have a whole range of courses that cover all aspects of driving. Along with your quality driving lessons, why not opt for a Motorway Driving course- a short course that will lead you on the busier main roads and motorways around your home town. There is also choices for existing drivers- feel that you have lost confidence or skill as a driver? Get them back with our Refresher course.

2.) Qualified Driving Instructors

Each and every one of our more established driving instructors have been in the driving tuition trade for many years. It’s this experience and knowledge that will be brought to your driving lessons. Even the newer recruits to Want Driving Lessons will have been based in your home town for some time, they will have a great knowledge of the roads you too will be driving. Our in-depth and recommended Instructor Franchise prepares each new team member well before they start teaching. You have your choice of either male or female driving tutor also.

3.)Manual or Automatic

Speaking of choices, we at Want Driving Lessons believe that a tailor made driving tuition lies at the heart of your success. It’s important that you have the choice of taking either Manual or Automatic driving lessons- this will obviously affect your future driving greatly. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you on a personal basis, helping you to make the right informed decision for you!

4.) Flexible Learning Hours

Life can be hectic, especially if you find yourself juggling family responsibilities as a university course or heavy work schedule. This is where flexible learning hours can help, our instructors will teach in the evenings as well as on weekends, to ensure that you have the same chance as everyone else of passing your driving test. Your appointed driving instructor will teach you to drive in all weathers and at different times of the day. It’s experience like this that will not only help you gain your driver’s license but be the best driver you can be beyond the test!

5.) Tailored Theory Training 

Passing the Theory and Hazard Perception Test are also a big part of learning to drive. Want Driving Lessons have a online Theory and Hazard Perception specifically designed for our pupils. The unique username and pin number mean that the course can be studied from anywhere that there is an internet connection and at any time.

These are just some of the great reasons you should learn to drive with Want Driving Lessons! Get in touch on 0203 086 7988 for more information and to book your first lesson! 


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