Punto the Car Snake!

Cars and animals generally do not mix from the experience of many drivers: Unless you happen to be transporting a beloved family pet to the vets or on holiday. In such cases they will be safely secured and comfortable, perhaps with their favorite blankets and a snack or two to keep them going on the longer trips. But what about the unexpected animals you can sometimes find under the car bonnet?

Well a team of Scottish mechanics trying to jump-start a car were themselves given the shock of their lives when a snake appeared from under the bonnet of the car! 

The small group of garage workers were working on the car in Kelty, Fife. Once they had gotten over the initial shock of their find, the mechanics called out the Scottish branch of the RSPCA (known as the SPCA). The snake itself was found to be a Corn snake and measured a pretty impressive 2ft (or 0.6 m in length). The harmless Corn snake was found to be resting in the engine of the Fiat Punto they were working on- possibly because it was warm and comfortable.

Although scary at the time, the team seem to have taken the incident in their stride, even giving the snake a name- ‘Punto’! Punto is now happily recovering and being looked after at the Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Balerno.

Scottish SPCA staff were just as surprised at the discovery as the mechanics were on Saturday afternoon! One of the Animal Rescue officers present at the incident, Stacey Jamieson said: “The mechanics got a bit of a shock when they opened the bonnet and found Punto….He would have most likely been attracted by the heat of the car, so it would have seemed like a good place to take a rest. Thankfully, he was discovered before the car was driven as this could have led to him coming to serious harm.”

We are glad that the snake was found safely and that no one was harmed. Although it is not uncommon to find wildlife as well as domestic pets snuggled underneath a car, there are still a whole host of unanswered questions. Like where did Punto come from? Should we be worried about finding snakes in our car engines? Will it be compulsory to do ‘Snake Checks’ as part of our daily morning routines?

Jaimeson added: “It’s hard to pin point exactly where Punto appeared from, however there is a sewage works located next to the garage. It is highly possible that he got into a pipe somewhere and has been surviving on sewer mice since then…” (lovely)

But it’s not all that bad as she said that “Punto is a lovey wee snake and it would be great to reunite him with his owner if he has gone missing. If no-one comes forward for Punto we’ll find him a new home.”

Want Driving Lessons wishes Punto well and we hope that he does find his owner and home very soon!  

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