Beetle’s are Bigger Than Ever at The Sunshine Tour 2014

Want Driving Lessons loves the summer for so many reasons: Barbecues, beaches, bikini’s and now Beetle’s!

Yes! Forget Glastonbury and any other notable music festival happening over the next month. This summer was all about celebrating the iconic little car. The Beetle has been around for what seems like ages, only really hitting the big time in the 1960′s when it became the car to be seen in. There was a time when anyone who was anyone was seen in a Beetle car. It’s cute little design is up there with the likes of the Mini Cooper and even the quirky Robin Reliant. However, the Beetle has one thing that many other small iconic motors do not- Class!

People love it so much and they have been showing it for nearly ten years! Well over 4,000 Beetle enthusiasts are currently (or will be soon) making the journey to the Baltic resort of Travem√ľnde in a kind of pilgrimage. They are joining thousands of others in celebrating everything about the Beetle as part of ‘The Sunshine Tour’. But it’s not just current models that the party goers love, Beetles of all generations will be displayed and lusted after at the convention, some going as far back as the 1970′s.

But what would any outdoor summer gathering where would we be without a bit of fancy dress? The owners will be turning up in all sorts of colourful garb for the occasion. There will also be Beetle experts on hand to help people with their car troubles, stalls, competitions and a type of car beauty pageant: A prize for the ‘Most Beautiful Beach Beetle’- These people really do love their Beetles!

To mark in your diary: The event will be happening this year from the 15th to the 17th of August. Volkswagen has as expected been an official partner and sponsor of the event for nearly ten years. They will be present at the event with a their own set of special vehicles to show off! These previously unseen cars will be real treats for those fans of the Beetle, the planned motors on show will include the Beetle Dune, the concept version of the Beetle, there will also be the new Beetle Cabrio Karmann. There may even be a chance for festival goers to take these beauties for a test drive!

Another high point in the show will be the GRC Rallycross Beetle. This 537 bhp four-wheel drive car has been created in conjunction with Andretti Autosport for the American GRC race series. This state-of-the-art vehicle will be making its debut in the championship in Los Angeles on 19 September. But there will be a chance for convention-goers to see the car early! It might look like an ordinary car but it’s actually pretty impressive, it takes just 2.1 seconds to get to 62 mph. That’s fast for a car that once had a slow and bumbling reputation!

Whether you are into Beetle cars or not, one thing is for sure, whether it’s as a sports or family vehicle- there’s a bright future for these little cars. ¬†


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