Getting Away from ‘Getaway’ Traffic this Weekend

Summer sunshine, soaring temperatures and the great outdoors- these things mean only one thing- The great summer vacation has begun! Travelling away to those sunnier climbs is on the cards for many of us. Transport will undoubtedly be a big part of the summer, trains and planes as well as the automobile, yes getting away by car will be the only option this year.

But Drivers should be warned that there are estimated to be weeks of delays on the roads, especially as we approach the beginning of the summer getaway. The first jams are predicted to begin this Friday the 25th July. The will continue for the next five Saturdays that follow, beginning the 26th July. There should be some leeway around the end of the hols, with the traffic predicted to ease up on the 23rd August. This window of five weeks is expected to be the most congested period of the summer when it comes to the roads.

Traffic information company Inrix have issued these warnings, they include forecasts that many journeys that drivers will be making this Friday could take anything up to 90 minutes more than the usual time. Inrix also added that drivers should be expecting every Saturday after this date and including August 23 to be 25% busier than usual. So far the busiest Saturday is said to be August 9th. So far it’s the South east and north west of England that are said to experience the worst of the traffic chaos.

How to Cope with Summer Holiday Traffic 

There are more cars on the roads than ever, there are also a number of seasonal factors that will add to the traffic problems. The extreme weather experienced in heat waves is just one example of what could add to the issues.

Want Driving Lessons suggest you plan those holiday road trips well in advance. Leaving the important details to the last minute could prove disastrous, causing travellers to miss ferries and plane trips. Here are some common sense tips that could help for this weekend and beyond.

Leave extra time for the trip: This cannot be stressed enough! If one is planning on getting to the airport in time for that flight, we would suggest leaving at least another hour on top of the normal travelling time. There will be other things to take into consideration, i.e: getting to your parking space as well as to check out. Extra time will not only give you time to tackle any traffic but will also alleviate the stress of travelling.

Bring suitable food and bottled soft drinks with you on your journey, it might not always be possible to get to a service station when stuck in the very heavy traffic. Having some supplies to keep you going will be important and help combat dehydration in the warmer months.

It might be a good idea to stay tuned to traffic reports online and on the radio before you begin your journey. This way you will have a good idea of where the traffic hotspots en route, therefore being able to avoid them.

With these few things in mind we hope that your summer holiday is a great one this year! 

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