Japanese Cars are Top of Reliability Table

So you have passed your driving test and have saved up for the perfect car! Say you have lovely parents that are willing to buy you your dream first car (ok so thats a little bit of a fantasy but humour us!) There are a million dream cars that you could go for- a Porshe, Ferrari or even a slick Daimler.

Even if money was no limit, there are the practicalities of driving in the UK to take into consideration. Along with a supreme sense of style, most new drivers will want a reliable car to get you from A to B. This is important for so many reasons, safety being the number one issue in most cases. But also there is the important fact that new drivers will be the most likely to suffer road traffic collisions, both on a small and larger scale.

Well it’s been proven this week that Japanese brands are seen to be some of the most reliable cars on the market at the moment. But is there any truth to these claims? Well they have topped a reliability survey done by Warranty Direct.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side to this. UK car brands didn’t do very well in the survey. However, the UK figures were based on performances by Jaguar, Land Rover and Vauxhall models. They didn’t take into consideration all British brands that are available on the market.

Although at present, Warranty Direct have claimed that the UK brands tested had been placed bottom of the eight-nation table. This is “thanks to low reliability scores from both Jaguar and Land Rover” in particular.

The scores were put together on a table drawn up from analysis of UK-owned vehicles averaging around five years in age with mileages of around 50,000. The lower the score that was awarded to a particular country, the more reliable that the cars were seen to be.

Japan scored the lowest with 80, so was at the top of the reliability scale. Next France came in at 113, South Korea scored 123, and the USA scored a total of 156. Sweden came in with 158, Germany with 168, Italy at 170.5 and, in last place, the UK with a total score of 209.

But what was the main cause of the so called unreliable cars being unsafe? Well the most common faults for all cars that were tested ranged from the axle and suspension or faults in the electrical system. Warranty Direct have claimed also that many of us drive foreign cars made in the UK. Take the Nissan Qashqai, which is produced in Sunderland, as well as the Honda Civic in Swindon.

Although these results are enlightening, Want Driving Lessons know that your first car will be one to remember for all the right reasons. It is advised that when buying a safe first car, to take an experienced driver with you. He or she will be able to advise you on the car and the things you should be looking for. Have any pressing questions about choosing a first car? Ask your qualified and experienced Want Driving Lessons tutor who will be able to help!

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