Petrol Prices Plummet: But Drivers Are Still Not Keen on Filling Up!

Along with M.O.T’s, repairs and general up keep, cars can be quite expensive to run. Petrol prices have plummeted but we still don’t seem to be that keen on filling up at the petrol station according to statistics released last week.

This is a strange trend as we would have thought that drivers would be fighting through queues to get to the pumps! In the past any slightest inkling that the prices of petrol were going down was a cause for celebration. However things have changed somewhat, even the use of cars in general seems to have been on the decline.

Even though prices are their lowest for a long time, these new lower costs haven’t done anything to increase car use. The results come from more than 18,000 AA members who were questioned about their car use and habits in June of this year. A startling 7% were happier about the lower prices at the pumps and used their cars more now than they did a year ago.

The results from the survey said that as much as 57% of the drivers questioned said they were still unsure about the price drop, many were in a car-travel funk, desperately trying to cut costs despite lower prices. The same results also showed that 18% had changed their car within the last year to a cheaper, more fuel-efficient vehicle in order to cope with general costs.

The AA have highlighted the figures which have showed a huge slump in petrol sales. This started as far back as March of this year when fuel fell to a record low of 1.367 billion litres for the month. This was despite normal petrol prices dipping to a low of around 129.5p a litre, a whole 10p lower than the same time last year. In fact 2014 has been a bad year for petrol sales completely, figures show that UK petrol use in January to March was at a record low when compared to the same time period last year.

Outside factors affect car use too, many said that increases in gas and electricity prices over the winter forced them to carefully consider the amount of car journeys they made.

But surely it’s only natural that drivers learn to balance out their funds when it comes to paying for petrol? Years of high prices have gotten many drivers into the habit of cutting costs on a regular basis. So saving money is always a good habit to have.

While driving on an everyday basis can be a time effective way of getting around, it is not always easy on the wallet. Even the most economically minded of drivers will tell you that the pennies and pounds soon add up when owning a car. Want Driving Lessons are able to offer you some great tips on saving money as a regular driver.

As for the current trends at the pumps, only time will tell if it will carry on or if drivers will start to fill up more regularly at service stations.


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