Mechanics Qualifications with Haynes Manuals!

Most car drivers (Especially car geeks like us here at Want Driving Lessons) will love a good Haynes car manual. It’s filled with useful information on the cars workings, trouble shooting tips and lots of lovely detailed drawings of the car’s inner workings! There’s something for everyone – even if you don’t really understand how cars work! Well a group of very smart youngsters have used these guides to get their qualifications in car mechanics.

The first students in the Haynes Mechanix scheme resembled a mixed gender youth club group, the pupils being 15-25 years in age and from Islington in London. They are using the Haynes manuals with guidance from experienced mechanics to fix actual problems on a real car.

The practice Volkswagen is nicknamed Percy the Polo. It was chosen because it was a typical MOT fail and needed  lot of work to it. Replacement spark plugs and a brake fluid replacement were among them. Percy the Polo has given the young mechanics a broad spectrum of things to work on!

The pilot scheme is actually funded by Haynes Publishing and was designed to give the aspiring mechanics a chance to acquire some useful practical skills. Through the scheme, the Prospex Youth Club members have been encouraged by Haynes to get that ‘do it yourself’ spirit! These skills will hopefully be put to good use in everydauy life, with some going on to making these a life long career.

So far the course has been a huge success, there were three new members who joined in the first week of the course, with no drop outs at all. There seems to have been a great vibe in the course, each of the students even worked on Percy the Polo during the allocated ‘rest week’ too.

Lucy, one of youngsters taking the course said of the training: “I’m hoping I can carry this on for a long, long time because it is something I enjoy. I’m keen to now learn how to fix other parts of a car.”

It’s been such a big hit overall that Haynes Publishing and London Youth are in talks regarding extending the course into other clubs inside the London Youth’s network. There have also been ideas on how the course could develop, like perhaps including basic bike and pedal bike maintenance. Not only a great way to keep bored teenagers occupied, but a fabulous form of training that could encourage many to take vehicle maintenance as a job once they have finished college.

It’s pretty impressive that the course is so popular at a time when most of us will prefer to work in front of computer screens. Although cars and their features are changing at a rapid pace, we would say that it’s important for anyone driving a vehicle to have a good knowledge of the car, van, motorcycle they are driving. Not only will this help us keep our vehicles in good condition but will help during those emergencies too, after all breakdowns happen to the best drivers!

Want Driving Lessons include basic car maintenance as part of our driving courses. Feel free to ask your driving instructor anything about the car that you are driving and they will be happy to impart their knowledge and experience to you! 

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