Driving a Dalek for the Teenage Cancer Trust!

Doctor Who is a world wide TV phenomenon that doesn’t need any introduction. Fans of the TV show wil go to any lengths to express their love for the Doctor and his adventures. Well a group of Doctor Who die-hard fans in Warwickshire have completely rejuvenated a tired old car into an actual Dalek! Yes the once normal car is now Doctor Who’s arch nemesis all in the name of charity. 

Want Driving Lessons love a feel good motoring story every now and again- especially when there is a great cause involved! Well this week we bring you some fabulous motoring modification inspiration for all car fans!

Four friends spent months converting the seven year old Fiat into a four-wheeled likeness of The Doctor’s most famous enemy for the Wacky Rally. Clare Brookes is a funeral director by day, and hopes the eye-catching car will raise a decent amount of cash for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

“It smells a bit like a man’s armpit inside already,” she said. “And there have been tears, trying to get it ready…But if you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it right and hopefully we can raise some money.”

Clare will share driving duties over a course that stretches from France, all the way to sunny Spain. She will be travelling with team-mates, also known as “The Doctors”; Michelle Orton, Martine Smith and Lesley Sheppard, all from Nuneaton.

It was the unique looks of the Fiat Multipla that led to the idea of the car becoming a Dalek. The new additions include arms mounted on the bodywork, they are fashioned from broom handles. A kitchen whisk and bathroom plunger make up the rest of the features. The Dalek eye is made from an old walking stick fixed with a LED light.

Small spheres of polystyrene were cut in half, painted black and cover the bonnet, boot and door panels. The vehicle maker’s badge now reads “Obey”!

Pretty impressive considering that the 1.9 diesel car came with 188,000 miles on the clock and a whole host of mechanical problems.

“Last week, I couldn’t get it in gear and I just thought ‘we’re not going to make it – the clutch has gone’ but fortunately we fixed it,” said 40-year-old Ms Brookes. “The man I bought it off even gave us the £300 back when he knew what we wanted it for. But it’s cost about £600 to fix.”

The Dalek car as well as another 70 modified cars must get through a grueling four-day 1,500-mile route through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Alps into Italy. The cars will then head into the French Riviera and on into Spain.

“It’s passed an MOT, but it won’t pass another…We’re just hoping he’ll make it, and the Alps won’t cook his brakes, we’ve got everything crossed.”

Donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/wackyrallyteam or by texting Darl53 followed by a space and then £1 to 70070.

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