Future cars to look out for: Volkswagon XL1

Whether you happen to be a car enthusiast or not- having the car of tomorrow is a pretty nice idea! We think of the cars belonging to James Bond- The now world famous Aston Martin. There is also the DeLorean belonging to Doc in Back to the Future! You may even prefer the chic and slick look of the Batmobile. It’s cars like these that have made futuristic cars a thing of fantasy. But with car technology racing forward at an alarming rate, we may see futuristic technology on our roads in a matter of years rather than decades.

Could Want Driving Lessons be teaching younger generations in these futuristic cars soon? Only time will tell, but the developments are very exciting! But if you do want tomorrow’s car today, you may have to fork out quite a lot for it! Volkswagen have announced the release of the XL1, it’s most futuristic car to date. It will set you back more than £98,000 though!

The very first XL1 has already been dispatched and delivered to a German customer back in May of this year. There are currently plans to build only 200 of these futuristic cars, and UK buyers are already lining up to get their hands on one!

The Science Bit…

It’s no surprise that this rare machine appeals to the more exclusive market, a future car can be as unique as a well looked after vintage one- only not as old obviously! But there ae some pretty impressive things that mark the XL1 out from other new cars. It’s built with unparalleled aerodynamics, it has a tiny two-cylinder diesel engine that can achieve 313mpg on average in combination with emissions of only 21g/km.

It’s so efficient that it takes just 8.3bhp to make it travel at 62mph on a normal road surface For those who are not car geeks, thats very fast using not so much of the car’s energy- so it’s great for the environment. The 800cc diesel engine can produce 27bhp powering an electric motor, this links directly to the wheels through a modified seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

To aid aerodynamics, the XL1 doesn’t use door mirrors, instead it favours tiny cameras, which beam live footage to screens inside the cars cabin! The drag coefficient is a slick 0.189, compared to 0.27 for an average Volkswagen Golf. This in itself is enough to make the XL1 seriously aerodynamic.

The exact price for the XL1 is an eye watering £98,515. Product Manager Lianne McKnight said: “Enthusiasm for the XL1 has been building up since the first concept car was unveiled in Qatar back in January 2011. The production of our cars is now underway, customers will soon be taking delivery of their vehicles which is very exciting.  We’re looking forward to seeing this record-breaking model on UK roads very soon! As well as seeing technologies within it filtering down to many of our mainstream Volkswagen cars.”


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