The secret to epic car journeys!


The traditional summer holiday is an institution here in the UK. June through to August is a time when many of us will pack up our bags, put the family in the car and drive miles out of the city. Passed your driving test with Want Driving Lessons this year? Perhaps you will be making a trip to Somerset or maybe the Lake District? Here we will not only find fresh air but some of the most stunning views imaginable. But with this great get away will naturally come long car journeys. Hours spent in the car is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

There are ways to make those long summer journeys in the car better! Vauxhall commissioned a survey with the title ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

The idea behind it was to find out more about how we spend our time as passengers on long haul trips. Unsurprisingly, the study revealed that 93% of 5-18 year old passengers were occupying themselves with a phone or tablet during long car journeys. Social networking would naturally be top of the list for most of us! A chance to share our long boring trips with buddies.

But for those of us who are a little on the ‘Mature’ side, what about in-car games such as i-spy, car snooker and waving at other drivers? Surely these old favorites are not completely unpopular with the advent of tablets and smart phones? Well luckily for us, the traditional car games are just as popular as ever, with passengers of all ages finding them ‘quirky’ and ‘fun’ above all else. Over 87% of parents are actively encouraging the younger members of the family to play games that do not involve handheld gadgets.

We are so close to the summer holiday exodus, the survey from Vauxhall Motors also uncovered some of the most off-putting niggles that plague those who undertake those longer car journeys. The study found that 52%, that’s just over half the people taking the survey found that siblings fighting in the back of the car was highly annoying. Just under half of drivers at 45% found the constant questioning from passengers of  ‘are we nearly yet?’ infuriating! Next there was the constant demanding of ‘toilet breaks’ at 39%.

About a third worried about dealing with car sickness and over a fifth of people taking part on the survey found other’s constant need for bad music a nightmare. In short surviving a longer car journey with children and elderly relatives can be demanding. But a few simple tools and techniques could make one’s life easier. 

Simple ideas like keeping a stock of CD’s that are to everyone’s taste. If this is not possible, making sure that passengers have their own mp3 players charged up with favorite tracks. Toilet breaks will be inevitable on the longer journey’s, driving experts will always recommend taking regular breaks on the long trips anyway- something beneficial for drivers as well as passengers. The survey also found that snacks were a great way to keep everyone happy in the car.

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