Why weekend driving lessons are a good idea…

The working week is generally made up of long hectic working hours for many of us. We often fin that we hardly have time to think let alone spare the time for quality driving lessons. Yet driving is a skill that is one of the most important when it comes to modern living. Let’s face it- getting around in your own car beats waiting in the wind and rain for the bus!

So how can those working and wanting to take driving lessons find a happy medium? A chance to learn that vital new skill without causing yourself extra stress when it comes to timekeeping? The answer is weekend driving lessons! There are many great reasons why booking up on Saturday and Sunday is a good idea!

Weekend Drivers 

Many of the more experienced drivers will tell you that driving on the weekend is a whole new experience to driving during the week. For a start there is generally no ‘rush hour’ on Saturday and Sunday. Drivers tend to come and go equally throughout the day, although there are instances of heavy traffic, take Christmas and Easter weekends for example. However weekend drivers tend to have made a name for themselves, they are known for being a little on the reckless side when it comes to using the roads. Although this isn’t a proven fact for every driver that uses the roads. However you could think of it as an added challenge! It could make practicing those driving skills a little more interesting for those of us learning to drive. Basically, if you can drive on the weekends in your town, you can deal with anything!

Less Restriction

With the working week over and done with for two days, there are no real restrictions when it comes to learning to drive. When taking driving lessons during the week, one may find that they can be stuck in rush hour traffic, most specifically the school run and rush hour. Spending an hour’s driving lesson inching along slowly on the M1 might help you practice your clutch control. However you might not feel as though you are doing any ‘real’ driving. Yes there is no denying that traffic exists during the weekends too, however it’s not set to a certain time as such. In short there will seem to be less restriction when driving in many parts of London and the surrounding areas.

In general Want Driving Lessons recommend booking lessons with us during the week as well as the weekend. Although your driving test will normally be held on a weekday, having the skill to drive on the weekend  will also help you as an newly qualified independent driver.  Find out more on our driving lessons through speaking to us directly on 0203 086 7988 or through our website.

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