How effective is the Driving Test?

Being prepared for the driving test will take many of us weeks of getting our head round it all. There’s the psychological aspect as well as practical preparing and revision. However, now the Institute Of Advanced Motorists ( also known as IAM) is asking the awkward question of whether the standard driving test is still one that works in today’s modern driving world.

A new poll from Vision Critical and the IAM threw up some interesting new results. It uncovered that a large 30% of young drivers taking the survey that were aged 18-25 admitted to breaking the law in the first few years of driving. Also, apart from spending many weeks preparing and learning to pass all parts of the driving test, a 68% of younger drivers feel that they still need to improve while 25% admit to being involved in serious road traffic collisions. These incidents are recorded perhaps once or several times during this first few years of driving.

Some believe that the driving test is just the beginning of a driving career in which many lessons will be learnt. So anyone taking the test will not necessarily have all the knowledge a more experienced driver will have. But the results of the survey suggests that the official driving test may need a little tweaking before new drivers find that they are fully happy on the roads for the first time.

Well the official figures show that around a fifth of people killed or badly injured in a reported road accident in the UK during 2012 were involved in a collision where one of the cars was being driven by a young driver. Unfortunately nearly a quarter of all car drivers, around 133 out of 542 drivers, who died during the 2012 period were young drivers themselves.

IAM chief executive Simon Best talked about the poll and said: “This extensive survey shows that younger drivers simply don’t feel adequately prepared for their time as independent drivers. The current learning system seems to be failing the next generation of motorists according to some of the comments that were made in the study. There should be some serious review into the test and how candidates are reacting to the results. Early experience of a wide range of traffic conditions is important. But dealing with negative attitudes towards the test must also be taken into consideration.”

The current driving test is a result of many years of evolution. Want Driving Lessons know that the roads we drive on are constantly changing. Not only are there new roads being built and developed, there are also changes in road driving legislation too. It’s these changes that will undoubtedly make a difference in the driving experience. The issue here is how and if all this information will impact on the driving test-something that only time will tell!

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