Top Annoying Driving Habits

Bad habits, we all have them! What about bad habits while driving? Perhaps folding in a side mirror, not doing that check before driving away. These are often parts of our routine as experienced drivers. Then there are those blatant habits that annoy other road users. Car garage giant Kwik Fit did a study into the bad driving behaviours that drive other road users to distraction.

A new ‘major dislike’ at the top of the drivers list is using a mobile device at the wheel. This has taken over the long held hate of tailgating. It sounds like an obvious one but using a mobile phone to catch up with your mates while driving is now officially the most annoying (not to mention dangerous) thing you could do while driving.

So it’s no surprise that around 47% of drivers hated seeing other drivers using a mobile device. Tailgating is said to be hated by 42% of drivers. Following a car too closely is an irritating action that can bring out some serious road rage in drivers of all experience levels. More annoying habits included failing to indicate which was abhorred by 35% of drivers. A significant 30% hated dangerous overtaking on the roads. Around 26% also have a big problem with middle lane ‘hoggers of the road’

But age had a lot to do with the answers that were given, there seemed to be a pattern in the results. For example, Kwik Fit found that in the over-65 age group, 69% absolutely hated the idea of anyone using a mobile phone in the drivers seat. However, this figure fell to just 38% when those aged 18-24 were asked.

Despite what opinion says, some of these annoying driving habits are also against the law. It’s a fact that drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a road traffic collision while talking on a phone or using a tablet.

These anti-social and dangerous driving habits are not popular with the police either! One can expect on-the-spot fines for motorists who take up the middle lane, tailgate or cut other cars. Although these are newly introduced legislation, they have already become popular with the general driving public. Many areas have seen an almost instant reduction in these bad driving behaviours.

So here are Britain’s most annoying driving habits in a nutshell: Using a mobile handset to speak on or text topped the survey at 47%. Next was tailgating with 42% of drivers disliking this! Failing to indicate was mega annoying and 35% hated this practice. Dangerous overtaking was hated by 30%. Middle lane cruisers took up 26% of the vote. Last minute braking is not only dangerous but annoying the survey found after 23% marked this down as a bad habit. Undertaking at 19% came just above hesitant driving with 12%. Driving off slowly away from traffic lights is a top antisocial driving habit also at 12%. Last but not least, jumping the lights – 10%

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