Used Car Sales hit all time high!

The next best thing about after passing your driving test is putting down that deposit on your very own motor. There’s no feeling quite like that of sitting in one’s own car for the first time. The open road is your oyster- or even down to the local Pizza Express- it doesn’t matter, your car will be your little (or big) mobile castle.

However, sometimes investing in a secondhand car/mobile castle is the way to go. Lots of drivers, whether new drivers or more experienced have gotten on the secondhand car bandwagon. Used car sales peaked in 2013, having been at their highest for over five years. According to statistics, there was a 0.9% increase in used car sales last year. More than 6.8 million changes of ownership were recorded. Although this might not seem like a great deal compared to the previous record of 7.8 million back in 2008.

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to driving a second hand car- this is especially so as a newer driver. A brand new car is not only likely to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, but there will also be pressure to keep it pristine. Want Driving Lessons known that most new drivers can often experience those little bumps and scrapes in the first few years of driving. This is natural as one first gets used to the road and the space around the car. Also a second hand car will often have a proven track record. An added vote of confidence for new drivers is to drive a car that is comfortable to drive!

Back to the analysis from Experian, and the results gathered up show that cars aged nine years old or more were among the strongest performers in the used car market. It’s sales of these that were up 6% in 2013 compared to the results in 2012. However, cars in the 3 year, 6 year and 6-9-year old categories both dropped by 4.4%.

By far the most popular out of the used cars sold in 2013 was the Ford Focus. Known to be a great family car as well as for it’s reliability. It’s sales of these that accounted for 3.67% of all used car trades in 2013. In real numbers that is over 312,221 sales of car. Second place of most popular car went to the Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa wich came in third.

It seems like drivers are looking for ‘comfortable’ and ‘reliable’ over sporty and fun. Overall it was the larger cars that were popular when it came to buying secondhand. The huge 4x4s and MPV both showed strong signs in the secondhand car market. Alternative fuel vehicles also were a big seller, the Toyota Prius also enjoyed a considerable rise in sales during 2013.

So there are some strong patterns to be seen here, clearly strong reliable cars are much more desirable in the form of top models such as the Ford Focus and Toyota. The Secondhand car market seems to be going from strength to strength!

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