A 20mph speed limit in your town?

…But joking aside, the right speed limits could help save thousands of lives every year! A controversial topic for many years, just how fast should we be driving? Well a vast majority of people think that 20mph is a safe speed to drive at around schools and residential spaces. Around four in five people think traffic moves too fast on local roads in built up areas. The poll was carried out by road safety charity Brake and Allianz Insurance.

Want Driving Lessons will always teach each and everyone of our pupils to be that safe driver upon passing their test. But it’s come to light that many people feel as though we are just driving too fast! Out of the 1000 people that took part in the survey, 78% said that they were in favour of the 20mph campaign run by Brake. Well over half of those who took the survey felt as though their town or village needed to become a safer place to walk in.

There are many obviously worthwhile reasons to slow down, most importantly when driving around schools or other heavily congested areas. The charity Brake said that the areas where 20mph limits have been introduced have seen casualty rates fall dramatically. Some of the cities and towns include Portsmouth recording a 22% dip in casualties over a short time. The congested Camden in north London saw road traffic accidents fall by over half at 54%.

The survey results come in time as Brake has taken it’s ‘GO 20′ campaign to Parliament. The charity hope to make a 20mph speed limit a regular part of town driving, calling on MPs to help bring in a 20mph speed limit as a default speed limit for urban areas.



“Research shows that having 20mph limits on certain roads can save lives and we must do all we can to prevent road casualties.”

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