Going for gold…On a Convertible!

There is something so very special about a Convertible. They always bring drama and occasion wherever they happen to be seen. Ferrari’s are at the top of the popular list, but one owner had to go a step further…He covered his convertible in gold! Now here’s a car we would love to take driving lessons in!

The Ferrari 458 Spider convertible is worth around the £200,000 mark. It’s not a car for drivers who want to blend into the background! Mainly because of it’s first class performance as well as deafening sound as it drives. In this case however, the loudest thing is the surface of the car. Especially so after its owner had it covered in the shiny metallic coat.

Riyadh Al-Azzawi, a kickboxing world champion from Iraq, is the owner of the precious motor. He spent around £4,000 wrapping the model in bright gold vinyl. The car didn’t fail to grab attention from onlookers as it was parked up in London’s prestigious Kensington district. Every part of the covering is done with attention to detail, whoever did this certainly did a good job. The vinyl as a material works better than actual gold, for a start it is practical and will wear well. Vinyl can be wiped clean too, real gold in it’s pure state can easily chip or dent.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is the convertible version of the world famous supercar, this nifty little number is widely seen to be one of the most famous cars built by the firm to date. For more car geek details: It’s powered by a 4.5 litre V8 engine, this offers up to 562 bhp, giving the car a 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds with a   top speed of 199mph.

Along with gold, one could think about adding side stripes, bold colours or the odd bumper sticker. In fact there are a thousand and one things that can be done to glam up even the sportiest of cars.

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