Out of Line steering!

Want Driving Lessons was shocked to read that millions of drivers in the UK could be at risk of a serious accident because of defective steering. This is according to groundbreaking new research into steering and vehicle maintenace. 

The research was carried out by Kwik Fit and showed that one in eight motorists ( or 12% of the drivers taking the survey) feel that their steering pulls the car to the side when driving. Just under one million of drivers say that their steering makes the car heavier on one side ‘significantly’, causing problems when maneuvering the car.

The research also reveals that younger drivers are prone to bad steering, 25% of those under the age of 34 have admitted that their car pulls to one side, regardless of whether they are driving around a corner or on a straight road. Although troublesome steering  can in theory be caused by tyre pressure! The serious reasons behind dodgy steering can be caused by wheel misalignment, suspension components that are worn down or other damage. 40 % of drivers said that they had struck a pothole within the last 12 months. The problem of ‘off-steering’ seems to be greater than ever!

Roger Griggs, the communications director of Kwik Fit commented on the problem, saying: “It might seem obvious to many, but tyres are the only thing that connects a car to the road. It’s essential that they are set up properly before a car is driven out of a garage or car showroom for the first time. It’s shocking that four million drivers struggle daily with their steering. Not only is this a major safety issue but it will eventually increase tyre wear and tear as well as overall fuel consumption. We encourage all drivers worried about their steering to first check their tyre pressures and wear. It’s important to then have their vehicle alignment and suspension checked.”

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