‘Flood car’ bought by 12 year old!

Early on last week Want Driving Lessons brought you news of a car that had been submerged for months in Somerset. The owner only just retrieved his car last week after it had to be abandoned in flood waters. The car was cleaned up as best as possible, after which owner Mr Hubert Zajaczkowski, 21 opted to sell it on auction site eBay.

Who would want a flooded out damaged car you may be asking yourself? Well the car, which has seen better days actually sold for more than £100,000! 

The unnamed bidder on the site paid a huge £101,100 for the Seat Toledo after it was listed. The owner Mr Zajaczkowski had planned to donate all of the cash raised to helping the victims of the Somerset flooding.

The car is a 15 year old 1.8L saloon that was bought for £600, the five door silver petrol car is not currently in working order for obvious reasons. This was mentioned in the auction details also.The seller said of the car “I wasn’t expecting my car to be on telly and then eventually international news and in newspapers…It smells unbelievably disgusting in there.” So just why was so much bid on the car?

Well he thought he was in luck with the very high bid. Unfortunately for him, the bid appeared to be a practical joke by a 12-year-old bidder! Mr Zajaczkowski made clear his disappointment to the Somerset Gazette:

“I was quite shocked how high the bidding was, but I did contact the top bidder, he was not a legit customer though. Basically it was a 17-year-old lad who’s 12-year-old brother thought it would be funny.”

The bids from the seller were retracted and the sale fell through. Looks like the clapped out old Seat Toledo will be back on the auction site before long.

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