Cluttered cars causing MOT fails!

There are many reasons why a car will fail it’s MOT test. One of the more surprising ones it down to clutter! Yes it seems that this is one of the biggest reasons cars are failing the test. uncovered a range of unique reasons as to why this was happening. They found that not having the screenwash topped up could be just as liable to let you down as anything else! Whatcar? found that from a survey of more than 285,000 MOT failures between August 2012 and August 2013, it was around 4,649 vehicles that were failed for not topping up screenwash!

MOT Approved test centres are failing vehicles because they have a windscreen full of stickers that can block the drivers view of the road. It has been found that some drivers even turn up for a test with no number plates at all! However the survey found that the most common reasons for failure included unsuitable tyre tread depth, (This being below the 1.6mm limit) as well as brake pads being worn down to under 1.5mm thick. Also the headlamps being wrongly aimed was a big cause of failing.

To top this off, a whopping 2,852 drivers failed for having a dirty and cluttered car! Around 4% of the failures were cars that were having their first MOT carried out. The average MOT test price is around the £45 mark, so the 10,753 clocked up around £483,885 wasted by UK motorists on the test last year.

While it is not always guaranteed that your car will pass the test instantly, there are a few things that Want Driving Lessons suggest you do before going for the test. Namely cleaning it out before booking it in for the test. Making sure that it is clear of clutter, that the interior of the car is clean as well as the windows clear of stickers.

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