Testing the Driving Instructors!

There is a new system of grading driving instructors  which will help learner drivers in the UK in their choice of best tutor. This new graded system will award each instructor a simple A, B or a fail if they do not meet the required standard.

As it stands, each qualified driving instructor will have their teaching skills checked at least once every four years. This is to ensure that they are delivering the right standards of training to learner drivers. But this new system will put the instructors on the spot instead, learners and the parents of young drivers will get to see just how good an instructor is before going ahead and booking further driving lessons with them.

To achieve an A, a driving instructor will have to achieve an 85% result or more. The B grade is awarded to those instructors who achieve a 60 to 79% result. Below a 60% is a fail. 

Alastair Peoples of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s said the following about these new measures: ‘The new standard checks will mean that qualified driving instructors can prove their competence in delivering the highest levels of training. The right tuition can make a difference in helping a learner driver become  a safe and responsible road user. This new grading structure will make it easier for learners and their parents to seek out the best instructors.’

Peoples goes on to identify how else this new system will help improve the driving tuition industry: ‘…I also want to work closely with other organisations in the industry to identify ways to ensure that top grade instructors will promote the higher level of competence that they have worked hard to achieve…’

How effective these new measures will be is currently open to debate. The plans are still under negotiation with dates yet to be announced.

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