Driver and Sunken Car reunited at last!

A fully submerged vehicle abandoned because of the Somerset flooding has been given back to it’s owner this week months after the flooding. 

Driver Hubert Zajaczkowski, 21, had to escape from the Seat Toledo on Christmas Eve last year. The car was left on a road near the Muchelney village because of the quickly rising water. Weeks went by and the vehicle remained stuck under several feet of water. There was no way of rescuing the car and the image of it stuck underwater became famous. It was used in national newspapers to illustrate the plight facing many drivers all over Somerset.

The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister David Cameron have even commented on the image in the press. Well the £600 saloon had remained under water for well over two months until the water levels began to lower. Mr Zajaczkowski has now been able to reclaim his car after all this time!

The driver got behind the wheel on his vehicle for the first time since the end of December last year. He spoke of the experience to the BBC: “In a way I feel proud to be driving it at the moment,”

“I wasn’t expecting my car to be on telly and then eventually international news and in newspapers…Everyone was pretty much talking about it, including the Prince of Wales and apparently David Cameron.”

But being under water for over two months certainly had an effect on the car. Mr Zajaczkowski had been planning on selling the car before the floods. But now it smells…”unbelievably disgusting in there,” he said.

Could the water damaged vehicle go back to being a fully functioning car again? Might it go on display in a car museum? What the future holds for the Seat Toledo only time will tell. But here is just one example of tough a car can be!

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