School Run Statistics

It’s a part of life for many parents, something that is done so often hardly any notice is taken of it! Call it second nature! Yes driving to school each morning and afternoon is a chore that many feel they can do without- partly because it is just so stressful! 

There’s the competing for parking spaces, the visible parent-child arguing, then there is the competition for ‘best car’! After all no one wants to turn up to school in a clapped out old motor and be the butt of jokes in the classroom right?

A poll of over 3000 school run drivers carried out by Auto Trader uncovered some startling school run statistics: As many as 23% of parents have admitted to blocking another parent driver in with their own vehicle. A small but significant 14% owned up to cutting another driver up outside the school gates. Equally important was the 16% who said that they regularly argue with other parents on the school run, while 53% admitted to arguing with their own children out of sheer frustration.

Also to be found from the results were that 60% of parents on the school run feel stressed out. Almost half of the 3000 interviewed worried about making the trip the night before. A third said that they had at some point parked illegally in order to get closer to the school entrance. 50% were jealous of other parent’s cars, being embarrassed about their own cars. Top cars to turn up to school in, included Aston Martin, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

It’s not surprising that the school run can be tricky when it comes to driving through a congested built up area. However with the right driving techniques the daily trip could be a breeze! Get in touch with Want Driving Lessons and get back to stress free driving!

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