Cutting the cost of driving

You won’t need us to tell you that running a car is not cheap! Even though driving is a worthwhile skill and a great way to get around- there are things all drivers can do to cut down the costs of driving. Here are some of Want Driving Lessons tips:

1. Shop around for breakdown cover or haggle! If you happen to be a loyal customer you are entitled to ask for a discount. The AA or RAC will often be happy to oblige when it comes to keeping their customers happy.

2. Check before you go for the check. Before your vehicle has the chance to fail it’s MOT, have a quick look at the wipers, bulbs and other aspects of your car before taking it in. A little money spent on these things could go a long way towards helping your car pass the test.

3. Cut down on fuel costs. Using your car for necessary journey’s only will save money. Keep your car boot empty, the less stuff you are carrying around the less fuel will be used. Also shop around for cheaper fuel in your local area. You may find that some credit cards will give you up to 3% cashback on your fuel in some places. This small change can soon add up to a small fortune.

4. ¬†Appeal those fine’s! If you do receive a parking ticket from the council it’s a good idea to appeal it. Mistakes happen and traffic wardens do not have the best of reputations. Studies have found that up to 50% of those who went to the independent appeals body had their fine’s quashed.

5. Shop around for car insurance. This one goes without saying. No matter what your age or experience, you could save yourself a considerable sum by looking on comparison websites.

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