The First Driving Lesson

The First Drive…

As daunting as it may feel getting into the drivers seat for the first time it really is one of the most daring things a person can do- Going from being a passenger to the person in control, deep breaths are in order here!

Ok first things first your instructor will introduce you to the drill. To check your seat and mirrors making sure that you can see over the dashboard. You would be surprised at how many smaller ladies need a few cushions to prop themselves up so that they can see. It might seem like common sense but these are very important things to consider, this is the drill that you will most likely be using for the rest of your driving years. Finally putting the key in the ignition for the very first time, firing up the engine and feeling it rumble underneath you is both exciting and scary. Cars are very powerful machines and its only really when setting off in one for the first time that you can really appreciate it.

At first the emphasis will be on the clutch and the gas pedals, and obviously…The brakes. Getting the balance right can mean the difference between stalling miserably or actually moving the car forwards- which is what we want to do. With practice however this comes naturally. It will take a few attempts at first try alternating one foot down while the other foot moves gently upwards and so on. Your instructor will tell you how to do this successfully the key is to always do this action slowly at first.

The tricky part comes as you are trying to do all this you must keep an eye on whats going on around you, watching for hazards and small wild creatures running around. This isnt as easy as it sounds and may feel like trying to do a zillion things at once! Something that experienced drivers will almost always say is this: “It will all come naturally after a while, one day you won’t even realize you are doing it all”

Once you learn its like second nature- so do not be disheartened about doing everything straight off by heart and perfectly. With the right Driving School and Instructor you will find that reassurance, You will be able to get that expert teaching at Want Driving Lesssons. Our driving school covers most London and South West areas. A list of these areas can be found on Areas We Cover.

Next time: Observation and how to do it successfully. What points to look out for on the roads whether on the first drive or the thirtieth, potential hazards and how you you can work around them.






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