Learner driver caught being supervised by Parrot!

We all love and laugh at those images of cute kittens and gorgeous puppies supposedly driving a car- but we know that they aren’t real. These are just funny meme’s after all right? 

Well this week it has been reported that a learner driver has had her car confiscated later she was found driving on the motorway with a bird as her only companion. But this wasn’t any old bird, it was a talking parrot as opposed to a fully qualified driving instructor!

The driver who was female and in the 50′s got pulled over by the police for speeding around the area of junction 22 on the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire. The police based in this part of Yorkshire actually tweeted a picture of the parrot in question! They said:

“…Say hello to my little friend…Unfortunately his owner has a provisional licence, and since parrots are not authorised to supervise learner drivers, her vehicle has been seized by us on the M62.”

Despite this tweet being lighthearted and fun, there is a very serious message behind it. Members of the public, especially those who have a provisional license should not be driving under the supervision of talking parrots, or any other unsecured animal for that matter. If you happen to see a loose animal or animals in a car you can report the vehicle in question to the police by dialing 101.

Although  cases such as these are rare, unsupervised learner drivers will normally be prosecuted for ‘driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence’ also ‘driving without insurance’. The consequences for actions such as this are serious, with the possibility of a fine, penalty points and even total disqualification!

The motorist with the talking parrot is in the process of being dealt with at a later date for offences including speeding.

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